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Vulnerability Response Process
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Vulnerability Report

Definition of Security Vulnerability

Security vulnerability refers to a defect or weakness in the system that may be exploited to violate the system security policies during system design, deployment and operation or management.

Vulnerability Report Channel

The security vulnerability reporter may report any potential security vulnerabilities in SENIOR related products by directly sending an email to In order to verify and locate such vulnerabilities, the said email should include without limitation to:

1. Your organization and contact methods

2. Affected products and their versions

3. Vulnerability description

4. Technical details

5. Publicly available information

6. Possible vulnerability disclosure plan

Security Mechanism

To ensure confidentiality, we recommend you to encrypt your email using open PGP and send it to You can click here to obtain our open PGP public key.                              

Update date2023/5/30

Vulnerability Response Process

Vulnerability Response Process

1.Vulnerability Perception

Take the initiative to monitor suspected security vulnerabilities and problems and receive external reports to start the vulnerability response process;

2.Vulnerability Analysis

Verify the authenticity and influence scope of suspected vulnerabilities and problems and carry out risk level assessment;

3.Vulnerability Repair

Develop and test mitigation measures according to the company's SENIOR-SDL development process;

4.Repair Information Disclosure

Disclose the repair information of relevant vulnerabilities to customers;

5.Feedback & Closed-loop Improvement

While improving product safety, keep receiving relevant information during product use for repair and iterations


Update date2023/5/30

Service & Support

SENIOR encourages vulnerability researchers, industry organizations, government agencies and suppliers to take the initiative to report security vulnerabilities related to SENIOR products to PSIRT. In case of any problems or risks of our products in data security protection, you can contact us by the following means, and we will reply to you within 15 working days after receiving your complaint or report.

Complaint and Report Email : psirt @

Update date2023/5/30