Self-developed full-stack hardware and software
Enabling the vehicle to operate efficiently, safely and stably under a truly unmanned condition
Redundant Perception without Blind Spots

A multi-sensor fusion perception solution, including laser radars and cameras that have a field of view (FOV) without blind spots and feature mutual redundancies.

Enables the perception under various operating conditions such as day/night, cloud/sun/rain/snow conditions, supports a variety of scenarios where manned vehicles and unmanned vehicles operate in a mixed driving environment, where the unmanned vehicle operates in an open area, or at an unprotected intersection, etc., and supports mixed driving.

High-precision fusion positioning

A multi-source fusion positioning solution that solves multiple routes, occlusions and other challenges, provides an improved positioning precision and stability and has a global positioning precision of ±5cm

3D feature-based registration solution for vehicle operation attitudes which avoids modifications to port facilities, is insusceptible to local occlusions and provides a registration precision of ± 3cm

Intelligent Planning Control & Safety Redundancy

Intelligent dynamic route planning and open space search which can improve the driving efficiency of a single vehicle in a mixed driving scenario;

Optimization based on high-precision maps, vehicle kinematics and dynamics models, and historical information;

Suitable for a variety of smart driving terminals and control modes; support complex road networks, open areas, and unprotected intersections and other  conditions